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We build Research Funding RADARs, powerful software tools to help you narrow down your options, fast-forward decision making and increase your chances of funding success. All in one platform.

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Easily narrow it down.

Anxious to secure external research funding? Get upcoming opportunities and even better recommendations when you're ready to work on a proposal.

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Expedite your review with succinct summaries.

Tired of getting spammed? Our personalized suggestions show you what's relevant in an opportunity when you're ready to make a decision and move forward.

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Better your odds of a competitive submission.

Trying to boost your chances of funding success? Our Teams feature shows you how others can compliment your proposal especially when you're eyeing those high dollar, cross-disciplinary funding opportunities.

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Find your perfect fit
Find your perfect fit.

Start with your suggested grants or get funding alerts—based on personalized keywords—to get exactly what you want.

Dig into the details
Dig into the details.

Check out the scope and what's due. Then, read the full announcement to learn what the sponsor's looking for.

Team up with ease
Team up with ease.

Get matched with others as a Co-PI or find Co-PIs at your/other Institutions.

Send a summary
Send a summary.

Your sponsor is only a message away if you have any questions. They can also offer advice on whether the topic is suitable for submission.

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Do I need to pay for Taba?

Taba is available to faculty members at no charge. You can sign up and try it out for free. We work with your Institution to make the service available to you at no cost.

How do I get access to Taba?

You can sign up for free at or go to the Login page and click Claim Account. We'll send you your login credentials and get you on-boarded from there. You can email if you have an issues.

How do I update my research areas?

You can update your research areas by logging in and going to your profile. On your profile, you can edit your research areas. Taba will update and adjust your personalized opportunities accordingly.

How can I manage my notification preferences?

You can manage your notification preferences via Email by click on the Unsubscribe link and selecting your choices there. For iOS users, you can edit notifications settings on your phone via Settings and changing your preferences for the app Taba. You can email if you have any issues.

How can I invite a colleague to use Taba?

You can invite others to use Taba at We'll setup an account for your colleague so they can see if it's a fit for them.